Presenting, the P7 E-Scooter!

Check out the BEST way to get around the streets of ptown!

E-Scooter Details

P7 E-Scooter

Portable and lightweight

At about 25 pounds and with the ability to fold up small enough to fit under your bed, the P7 is the most versatile way to navigate the streets of Ptown. This option is perfect for those who don't need a bulky bicycle and just want to get from point A to point B during their stay. Zip from the east end to the west end in no time. Staying in North Truro? No problem, these are the perfect option!


Miles of trouble free riding

The Provincetown Bike Rentals P7 Scooter has an estimated range of 12-18 miles and a top speed of 18 MPH. Provincetown is only about 3 square miles, so this means you are able to ride for days before the battery runs out. When the battery is running low you could just swing by our shop, where we will put a new battery in and send you on your way! 

Scooters can only be rented by adults over 18 with a valid drivers license, a helmet must be worn at all times while riding, and you can not ride while under the influence  of any drugs or alcohol​. * These CAN NOT be ridden on the bike trail

P7 E-scooter

Available for hourly and weekly rentals

These scooters are brand new for the 2019 season, we recommend booking before your trip to ensure availability. 

Rental rates; 0-2 hours $20 : 2-4 Hours $40 : Full Day $55 : Weekly $285