Electric Bike Details

13-45 miles on one charge

Get to places in Ptown You have never seen with a battery life that can take you anywhere from 13 to 45 miles on a single charge. Renting for more then one day? No problem! Stop in when your battery is low and we will swap a fully charged battery in just seconds!

Power Assist

Our bikes feature 4 levels of power assist so that you can decide how much effort you would like to put in. You can operate the bike with no power at all, to get a bit fo a work out, and when you become tired you simply press the button to get a boost of assistance to complete your ride!

Just like a regular bike!

Our electric bikes operate and drive exactly the same as a regular bike. The brakes, gears, and wheels are all the same as any standard bicycle, making it easy for anybody who knows how to ride a bicycle to give the electric bikes a try!

*Please note: All Ebike riders are required to have a valid drivers license and wear a helmet. No kids attachments can be used in conjunction with electric bikes

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